Contemporary Healthcare offers a variety of consultation packages to suit individual needs, budget and location.

All options embrace the CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaching principles to optimise thoughts, breathing, hydration, nutrition, sleep and movement, combined with naturopathy and herbal medicine.  I integrate Western and Eastern philosophy, weaving tradition with modern research including experiential and intuitive knowledge to nurture the body’s self-healing wisdom.

During a consultation we will have a conversation about your dreams and aspirations, goals and priorities, past medical history and family medical history, symptoms, diet, lifestyle, supplement intake and any other information you wish to share. I may (with your permission) carry out clinical examinations, for example, blood pressure, pulse, tongue observation and subtle energy diagnostic methods such as medical dowsing.

Consultations are designed to give you time and space to safely reflect, encouraging you to tune-in and connect more deeply with the healing process. Health appraisal questionnaires are also used to illustrate metabolic individuality, your unique patterning, energetic and elemental constitution, physical, structural, emotional, psychological, behavioural and spiritual characteristics. This enables us to engage the whole YOU and YOUR environment to discover physiological imbalances and biological disturbances at the root of any challenge/s.

My primary role is to guide and support clients with a practical coaching model, Wellness Programme and Prescription Care Package, designed to your specific needs and co-created so that you leave the consultation feeling listened to, cared for and inspired to implement positive change to build health and wellbeing from the ground up.

To ensure a safe process, all suggestions and recommendations take into consideration of existing treatment plans for possible interactions and/or contraindications. In some cases I may (with your permission or at your request) make referrals, dialogue with other health professionals and suggest gold standard laboratory testing to further investigate.

It is advisable to follow-up two to three weeks after the initial consultation and then at four to six week intervals to monitor, evaluate and discuss your progress, repeating and altering Wellness Programs and Prescription Care Packages where necessary.

Each person responds differently to their care plan depending on general levels of health and fitness, financial investment and commitment. It can take time, patience and effort to see long-term body-mind changes, especially in complex or chronic cases and unresolved conditions or situations.

Contemporary Healthcare is a step-by-step whole health and wellbeing journey. Each session adds another element to the healing process. If your situation is beyond my ability to tend, I will refer you to a practitioner who can better meet your needs. Please note that a consultation is not a replacement for medical treatment.

If you have any questions please contact me.

Contemporary Healthcare