Kind Words

“I started seeing Emma after having a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis result come back showing high levels of arsenic as well as several mineral imbalances. At that point I was suffering from exhaustion, brain fog, extremely low energy levels, exasperated nervous system and a general sense of not feeling well. I was at the brink of running myself into the ground, largely as a result of the stress and pressure I had put myself through combined with the arsenic toxicity and imbalances.
  Emma has been incredibly intuitive while working with me, guiding me through practical steps to improve my health and at the same time gently coaxing me to tune in to what my body and soul needs, highlighting the importance of an overall lifestyle of well being.
  When looking back on our conversations I get the feeling Emma is only telling me what I am ready to absorb, intuitively staying one step ahead but still making me feel she is right there by my side, not overwhelming me with information but nudging me in the right direction. I have still some way to go, but everyday I get a bit more gentle with myself and slowly my mind and body is starting to detoxify. Having Emma as a guide through this time is absolutely invaluable, she has been so amazingly supportive and kind. I look forward to spending more time with Emma and to all the knowledge and wisdom I can learn from her. Thank you.” (L.F ~ North Wales)

“I consulted Emma five years ago in the hope she could help me improve my general health. She did. I hadn’t considered myself ill but had stagnated into poor sleep, sluggish digestion, dry skin prone to eczema, constant neck pain, headaches, tiredness and the inability to manage stress well.
  Every few months I consulted Emma, usually starting off by saying ‘I’m better thanks’. Then she’d encourage me to take a closer look. She taught me more and more about myself and how underlying issues manifest as ill health, but never in a judgemental manner. She gave me advice on hydration, diet and exercise and prescribed when necessary, followed with a detailed Wellness Programme. Looking back at my programmes I see how far I have come. She gave me the confidence to address issues I had dismissed as of no consequence. I felt nurtured into taking care of myself.
  There were no quick fixes on my journey towards better health, just gradual step by step changes. The once in a while financial cost was no more than frequent indulgences and far better value. At 9 stone 7 pounds I am almost a stone lighter without trying. My once flaky, peeling skin on my hands left me hiding them from the squeamish. No need now. My belly is no longer bloated and covered with loose clothing. I don’t have headaches, sugar cravings or the need to crash out on the sofa. My sleep is better, my posture is more as it once was and my long term neck pain is much improved, until I slip up and neglect specific exercises. I’m less stressed, get more out of life and best of all, I believe I am better company. I intend to stay with Emma for maintenance consultations and more wise words. Taking the time to learn from Emma is the best thing I ever did for myself and for others. Enjoy.” (M.L aged 67 ~ London)

“After an online consultation with Emma, I had very encouraging results to report …. I’m back on an even keel again, I sleep well, wake up with no burning chest, anxiety or panic attacks. Her advice has now become my norm, symptoms have disappeared and I’m coping well. Emma has helped me enormously and I thank her for that.” (O.C ~ North Wales)

“Working with Emma has enabled me to finally take control over my debilitating autoimmune condition (Crohns), the results have been far beyond my expectation. She gets results because she lives and breaths health and herbal medicine.” (O.S ~ London)

“After years of deteriorating hip joints accompanied by increasingly severe arthritic pain, which was not helped by pharmaceutical pain killers and anti-inflammatories, I am now delighted to say that since my consultation with Emma and taking the recommended supplements and herbal tinctures that she has prescribed and following her nutritional advice, I am more or less pain free for most of the time, which has enabled me to enjoy an active lifestyle and I can sleep well again. I can’t thank you enough, Emma.” (U.S. ~ North Wales)

“Recently I have been consulting with Emma via her online consultations to improve my daily lifestyle choices. This has been extremely helpful to me and has helped me fine tune several aspects of diet, liquid intake and exercise. To have someone so knowledgeable and at the same time truly tuned in to the level of capability of change has been supportive and Emma is most wise with her understanding approach. I felt cared for, nurtured and encouraged along this path which has been very worthwhile. My choices of diet were already much healthier than many people, but I have been able to go deeper into the journey of taking responsibilities for my own lifestyle to ensure a super healthy and joyful life. In gratitude.” (J.W ~ North Wales)

“Initially, before starting the 10 day cleanse with Emma, I was resigned to ten days of feeling hungry and deprived. As it was, I experienced neither of these and only felt a little light-headed on the first day and had a mild headache on the second day. After that it was plain sailing. The 3 daily flexible meals kept my appetite completely satisfied. I did feel some lethargy, but that was maybe because I was doing a little too much physically. When I began to take longer periods of rest I felt more energetic and less fatigued. The Apothe-cherry at the end of the day was the “icing on the cake”. YUM! Now at the completion of the cleanse and weighing 7 lbs less, I am feeling a sense of cleanliness in the body and the mind, as though the dust has been swept away. I feel lighter, invigorated and alert and my batteries are recharged. My intention is to continue with the Hippokrates Power shake, to eat healthy food in reasonable quantities and above all, to drink more water than I have done in the past. I would recommend this cleanse to everybody. Thank you, Emma, for introducing me to it.” (U.S. aged 65 ~ North Wales)

“When I first started to see Emma, I had numerous health issues to address including recommended surgery. With her help and in liaison with my GP, I have been able to slowly withdraw some of my medication including avoiding an operation. Emma’s results are due to her working with the root of health concerns including the relief of symptoms. With her support, I have been able to improve my health by committing to dietary and lifestyle suggestions, daily exercise, herbs and supplements. I really recommend Emma, she has an individual approach to each client and she provides the time you need to be listened to, without rushing to the next customer. My lifestyle has changed for the better, thanks to Emma!” (A.P ~ Russia)

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